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Logs in Forest


Logging Services 

Are you looking for a professional and reliable logging service provider in Washington?  We offer our skill, knowledge as well as equipment needed to do the timber harvesting with high quality workmanship in order to exceed your expectations. We shoulder all costs related with cutting, yarding, loading as well as trucking of the wood. Normally, there is no up-front, out of pocket cost to the owner of the property.

Wondering “How much is my timber worth?”

Give us a call and we can come take a look at your trees and give you an estimate of how much value is waiting for you.


Selective Logging and Thinning Service

Using selective logging practices we can improve forest health and reduce the dangers of wildfire, we specialize in Sustainable Forestry Practices. Meaning, we only cut trees that are or will possibly choke the newer growth and keep it from growing. Doing this, the timber area is well managed and promotes better growth that could be harvested in the coming years.

Image by Sebastian Kurpiel


Replanting Service 

Once we have finished harvesting we can replant the area with any species of tree that you wish.


Timber Management & Long Term Management Service 

A carefully managed, sustainable timber harvest isn’t just about cutting down trees and cashing in on their commercial value. It’s about implementing a plan that encourages regeneration and the long-term well-being of your trees.

Image by Mildly Useful
Timber in Forest


Land Clearing & Road Building

If you need your land cleared we can come in and harvest the timber and then remove the stumps and brush to prepare for a pasture or a new building site, while we are there we can build a road to your site.


Fire Prevention

A clean forest without underbrush may help prevent fire hazards by reducing fuel buildup on the forest floor. Living in the Pacific Northwest often results in wind and storm damage to private timberland. Clean up of this damage should be left to a professional, as sometimes storm damage creates a more dangerous condition that is unknown to many landowners.

Image by Evan Wise
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